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The equipment the Olympics people used was a snow boarding, cheerleaders swimming astronomers use telescope

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Q: What kind of equipment is use for paralympics?
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What kind of equipment might be specially designed for an athlete in the paralympics?

week chair or wheelchairs

What kind of athletic equipment might be specially designed for an athlete in the paralympics?

i have no idea but that was on my practice book to its confusing

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what equipment do vets use

What kind of equipment do astronomers use?

astronomers use telescopes

What kind of equipment do cheerleaders use?

we just use mats

What is the difference between the Olympics and the Paralympics?

Paralympics is for able people who use special wheelchair for basketball.

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You Could Use Slides

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They started with their hands

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What kind of equipment do heart surgeons use?

Heartsurgeons use an equipment called pacemakers. This equipment is used when a patient undergoes heart transplant. OR it may be used to control the heart beats in the human body.

Can you use the word Paralympics in a sentence?

i participated many paralympic before

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How are the Paralympics different from the Olympics?

The paralympics are for disabled people

When did Ahmed Kelly join the paralympics?

In 2012 Paralympics

Will there be an Olympic flame at the paralympics?

there is an olympic flame at the paralympics

When was baseball equipment invented?

What kind of equipment are we talking about?

When was Paralympics Ireland created?

Paralympics Ireland was created in 1987.