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Answer: you need a high school education, and maybe a degree in football

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Q: What kind of education is needed to play in the NFL?
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Do you have to have an education to play in the NFL?

yes you have to because if you do not you can not play in the NFL.

What kind of education do you need to play football?

There is no "educational requirement" to play in the NFL. However, three years must have passed since your high school class graduation before you may enter the NFL Draft or sign with an NFL team. You are not required to have played any kind of organized football during that time, collegiate or otherwise.

Education for pro skateboarding?

this is the same question as if you wanted an education if you were in the nba or nfl there really is no education needed business and advertising would be useful

What educatoin needed to become a nfl sports coach?

The ability to spell education might help.

How do you work for a NFL team?

get a very good education, go to college, play for their football team, then you'll go to A league, then AA, then AAA then NFL

What triaining and education will a person need to go into the NFL?

You hve to play high level college ball

Do you need a high school diploma to play in the NFL?

The NFL does not have specific education requirements. While the normal progression is to complete high school and play college football for 3 or 4 years, there is no requirement that you actually graduate.

How much of an education do you need to play NFL football?

none you just need to be 20 or 21 years of age

Why did Michael Vik not play any more in the NFL?

He... kind of got indicted for dogfighting.

What type of education is needed to be a nfl player?

No certain type is required. The NFL does not draft from high school like MLB or NBA does. For a player to be eligible they must have been out of high school for 3 years. Most if not all have played college football. The main requirement is your ability to play the sport and compete at the highest level of competition.

What amount of education needed to be in he NFL?

Whole Elementry School, Whole Middle School, Whole Hogh Scholl And The Years You Need To Study At Collage...

Can women play in the NFL?

There is nothing in the NFL rulebook that states women cannot play in the NFL, or that the NFL is for men only.

What NFL team did Michael Jordan play for?

he did not play in the nfl

What is the education requirements for a NFL quarterback?

lol, education requirements.

What are the education requirements for NFL Scouts?

The nfl requirements are , doin your mommmmm !

What education do you need to become an NFL player?

None, but if you want to go to play college football, you need to be taking something up to get a diploma.

Where did Andy reid play NFL football?

He didn't play in the NFL.

What education is required to be a NFL head coach?

There is no specific education required to be an NFL head coach. You need to have relevant experience and a college degree.

How does NFL player qualify for NFL pension?

how many years in the nfl needed to retire with pension

How many people play in the NFL?

in 2012 there is about 1,696 people that play in the NFL

Do you have to be over a certain weight to play in the NFL?

No,You can weigh anything to play in the NFL.

Does an NFL player have to practice to play?

Yes, an NFL player needs a lot of practice to play.

What are classes needed to play for the NFL?

There are no specific classes required to play for the NFL. They typically draft out of the College football system, so typically expect their players to have completed 2 or more years of college, some as many as 5 years of college.

What degree did Brett Favre get?

Brett Favre, legendary NFL quarterback, received his degree in education from Southern Miss. He then went on to play for the Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers, New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings of the NFL.

How many years did greenbay play in the NFL?

how many years did greenbay play in the nfl