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i'd suggest the cheapest form..which is creatine monohydrate powder..its effectivenes is proven over time .... remember to drink lots of water while active on creatine..for sure stay away from the formulas( they are nothing but creatine with sugar)...if you find mono creatine discomfort for your stomach you can try ethylester creatine

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โˆ™ 2009-07-25 22:00:29
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Q: What kind of creatine supplement should you buy?
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The supplement Creatine is a fast way for athletes and bodybuilders to gain energy in a fast amount of time. It is also known to help increase recovery time from work outs. You can purchase Creatine supplements in stores such as Walgreens or other drug stores, as well as online.

How do you prevent low creatine levels in testing?

Drink lots of water and buy a creatine supplement-can get it at gnc or other stores like it. Mix double the amount with Gatorade and drink about 30 min to an hour before the test. Just make sure to water load the 2 days before and after. Don't need to keep the creatine in your system too long, can cause kidney problems in large amount.

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Does creatine expire What will happen if you take creatine that has been expried for more than one year WIll it damage your liver or cause any harm to your body Professional opinion appreciated?

Yes, Creatine expires like most product. the condition that when you've taken expired creatine has no side effects will occur onto you yet the potential effectiveness of the product will be lessen and I suggest you must buy a new one.