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I think, you need to take up Bacherlor courses in Education major in Physical Education. It's only my opinion. Try to ask your friends or your parents. Do you want to become a sports agent in the future? Good luck.

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Q: What kind of college degree do you need to become a sports agent?
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How to become a sports agent without a background or degree in sports management?

In order to become a sports agent without a degree in sports managment you would have to have some sort of in with a company. Most companies require a degree.

Were should you go to become a sports agent?


What degree would one need to become a real estate agent?

A college degree is not required to become a real estate agent, but there are training and classes required in order to obtain a Real Estate license.

Do you need a college degree to be an insurance agent?

You need not have a college degree , but you should know mathematics to be an insurance agent.

What is the best degree for someone wanting to become a sports agent?

You could look into doing a sports science degree and failing that how about a BA. It depends on how much and what areas of sport you are interested in representing.

To coach in the nba do you hve to have a college degree?

Not Exactly. You need to have a background in basketball obviously. Being a successful college coach helps a lot. But a degree in sports medicine or being an agent helps.

How long do you have to be in college to become a FBI agent?

The minimal requirement is to have a bachelor's degree. The degree is not specified, but a degree in Criminal Justice, or something similar, would be recommended.

What websites talk about how to become a sports agent?

The following websites (separated by a comma) offer information on how to become a sports agent:,,

What do you need to major in to become a sports agent?

you should major in sports management and then go to law school. you dnt need a sports management degree and u dnt need a law degree..basically anythin in business is fine

How long do people go to college to become an FBI agent?

The minimum required degree is a bachelor's so 4 years.

How many credit hours are needed to become an FBI agent?

Graduation with a DEGREE from an accredited 4 year college/university.

How do you get a job as a sports agent?

you go online and then type in, How do I become a sports agent? and then click on the first thingy that says, "Sports Agent Course - Become A Sports Agent and then find your way from there. Have a great day!P.S.(Use, not anything else) ( is awesome!) :)

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