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He wears Reebok Hex. They are right around $90 for a pair.

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Q: What kind of cleats does Tim Lincecum wear?
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Why does Tim Lincecum wear his hair long?

He doesn't wear hair, he grows his own.

Does Tim Lincecum have kids?

No, Tim Lincecum does not have any children.

What is the birth name of Tim Lincecum?

Tim Lincecum's birth name is Timothy Leroy Lincecum.

Where was Tim Lincecum born?

Tim Lincecum was born in Bellevue, Washington.

What nicknames does Tim Lincecum go by?

Tim Lincecum goes by The Freak.

What is Tim Lincecum's number?

Lincecum wears jersey number 55.

What is Tim Lincecum's birthday?

Tim Lincecum was born on June 15, 1984.

When was Tim Lincecum born?

Tim Lincecum was born on June 15, 1984.

Who is better Tim Lincecum or Roy Halladay?

... Well, Tim Lincecum is cuter. ;D

Does Tim lincecum have a girl friend?

Yes. Tim Lincecum does have a girl friend. Save

When is Tim Lincecum a free agent?

Tim Lincecum will be a free agent after the 2015 season.

Does Tim Lincecum bat right or left?

MLB player Tim Lincecum bats left.