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Skim boarding is like Surfing but the skim board does not have a fin so it glides across the water surface. The sport involves many of the same maneuvers that surfers do.

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Q: What kind of a sport is skim boarding?
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How does skim boarding relate to science?

skim boarding relates to science because surfing is science and skim boarding is surfing. I know that because im a surfer.

Why would someone like skim boarding?

Because it is a sport and similar to surfing, individuals can choose to skim the shore or take it out to the waves with boards ranging from begginers to pro levels. It is also a great way to exercise and get tan.

What has the author Stephen Kenneth Hodnett written?

Stephen Kenneth Hodnett has written: 'SPORTS BOARDING SCHOOLS' -- subject(s): BOARDING schools -- Sport -- Comparisons, SPORT -- Boarding schools -- Comparisons, SCHOOLS, Boarding -- Sport -- Comparisons

What country did skim boarding start in?

Laguna Beach, California, United States.

What sport originated in Hawaii?

Surfing is a sport that originated in Hawaii. Kite boarding, kayaking and wind boarding are sports that are common to Hawaii but did not come from Hawaii

Is snow boarding a olympic sport?

Yes it is now a sport at the Olympic Games.

Is snow boarding a popular sport?


Is snow boarding an extreme sport?


What equipment do you use in weight boarding?

There is no such sport as weight boarding. In wake boarding you use a smaller version of a surfboard that typically has an ankle strap attached to it.

What sport that starts with the letter m?

Mountain boarding

In what sport do you ride a wave?

surfing and body boarding

What is the simple subject of this sentence 'The sport of wake boarding is becoming very popular'?

Sport is the simple subject.

In which sport will you hear the term goofy footer?

Skate boarding

What is Justin Bieber's favorite snow sport?

snow boarding

Is skate boarding a sport?

Yes. Skateboarding is whats called an Extreme Sport. Is was going to be an official Olympics sport, although it got changed.

In what spring sport would you find a half pipe?

snow boarding

What Water sport starts with a w?

wake boarding and water skiing

Slashing hooking and boarding are common terms of which sport?

Ice Hockey

What is Lilly's favorite sport on Disney's Hannah Montana?

Skate Boarding.

How is skateboarding a real sport?

Yes, It is they actually have tournaments for skate boarding.

What sport does Barbara Kendall play in the Olmypics?

Water Boarding or surf boardong

What is there to do in Honolulu and Waikiki Hawaii?

There are many wonderful shops, there's Waikiki beach, where you can go on Catamarans, surf boarding, skim boarding, swimming, anything you can do on the beach. Theres the International Marketplace. Lots of Starbucks, Pearl Harbor, Diamond Heights, lots of things! :)

Is skateboarding actually a sport?

Yes, skateboarding is a sport because the definition of sport is a competive action as singular person or a team so when you enter a skateboarding tourni (like tony hawk) Skate boarding is a sport!

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A sport involving water?

Swimming, water polo, windsurfing, surfing, wake boarding, etc.