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You have to use a cup, long johns, a bra, and baking gloves

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Q: What kind of Equipment used to play ice hockey?
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What equipment is used to play field hockey?

Hockey ball, Hockey stick, shin pads and clothing

Does Field Hockey play with a stick?

Yes, all forms of hockey use a stick.A hockey stick is a piece of equipment used in field hockey, ice hockey or roller hockey to move the ball or puck.

Where can one find out about ice hockey equipment?

One can find out about ice hockey equipment on the website Wikipedia. There is also a great article on ice hockey and the equipment that is used on the official Olympics website.

Where can I get good used hockey equipment?

Here a some links for some great sports hockey euipment

What kind of hockey equipment did NHL players wear when hockey first started?

mostley the stuff hockey players wear today except less protective. They also used wooden sticks [of course] and they didn't wear helmets or mouthgards.

What can be done with a used hockey puck?

Play hockey with it.

What exactly is an hockey bag?

A hockey bag is a large canvas type bag that is used to carry hockey equipment. Usually in these bags you may find pads, masks, pucks, sticks, mouth guards, and other equipment.

What is the cost of replacing hockey equipment?

anywhere from $150 to $2000, depending on if the gear is high end, low end, or middle of the road. You can find hockey gear for very chaep at used gear stores such as "play it again sams"

What kind of equipment is sold at Play It Again Sports?

Play It Again Sports appears to handle sporting equipment. It buy, sells or trades any number of used sporting equipment such as skates, treadmills, bikes, snowboards and much more.

Why can't you play hockey left handed?

It is possible to play hockey left-handed. The hockey stick can be used both ways, left and right handed.

What did Justin Bieber used love to do?

Play hockey/ice-hockey. Soccer and play drums, guitar, piano, and the trumpet:)

What are three pieces of equipment used in hockey?

helmet, pants, and shoulder pads

What sports did Justin Bieber used to play?

He used to play hockey - he still plays that and basketball.

What school equipment starts with z?

· zamboni - used at colleges and universities that have a hockey team

What sport does Steve Carell play?

Steve Carell used to play hockey.

What kind of material is used to make an ice hockey puck?

A hockey puck is made of vulcanized rubber.

What products do HockeyGiant sell?

Some of the items sold on HockeyGiant consists of equipment used in the game of hockey. Some of those items are hockey pucks, hockey sticks, skates, gloves, hockey helments, protective wear, and jerseys and apparel.

Is used electric equipment safe?

Used electric equipment can depend on the equipment but it is best to not chance it. Unless you are a professional and know what to look for it is better to play it safe and avoid used equipment.

What is the former name of CCM Hockey?

The original CCM company produced hockey equipment and bicycles, and went bankrupt in 1983. The hockey division was sold to a Montreal businessman, and the CCM name continued to be used for hockey equipment. The company incorporated in 1991 and took the name SLM International Inc., and in 1999, they were renamed The Hockey Company. In 2004, they were bought by Reebok, who continued to use the CCM brand.

What is used when playing hockey?

What you wear, besides clothes, are shin pads, hockey socks and boots. You will also need a hockey stick and you play with a ball.

What are the equipment used to play dama?

Wooden Board

Do stores like Play It Again Sports sell use roller hockey equipment and, if so, where is the nearest store to Stillwater, OK?

Play It Again Sports is an excellent source of used sports equipment. Check PIAS's website for a location near you: The inventory of any store depends on the customers and what they are offering for resale.

What Sports equipment starts with i?

Ice skates are sports equipment. They are used in hockey, figure skating and speed skating.

Can you use street hockey pads in rollar hockey?

Yes but it is harder to do. I use street ones its kind of hard but you get used to it.

What material is used for sports equipment?

Well it depends on what kind of sports equipment you are making.