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-Adam Vinatieri has a total of about 26 game winning field goals(including the postseason.)

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Q: What kicker kicked the most game winning field goals?
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WHo was the last straight on kicker in the NFL?

The last straight on kicker in a Super Bowl was Mark Moseley of the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl XVIII. The last Super Bowl where each team had a straight on kicker was Super Bowl XI with Errol Mann for the Oakland Raiders and Fred Cox for the Minnesota Vikings.

What is the NCAA Division 1-A football record for consecutive field goals made without a miss by a freshman place kicker?

Nate Kaeding for Iowa Hawkeyes kicked thirty consecutive field Goals

What player attempts field goals?

The kicker.

How many Field Goals greater than 55 yards have been kicked in the NCAA?

I know that there was one kicked at 57 yards last weekend by the Nebraska kicker. Don't know how many in the history of the NCAA.

Who kicks field goals?

a feild goal kicker

Which collingwood player has kicked about 1000 goals?

Gordon Coventry is the club's record goal kicker with 1299 career goals.

Who kicked the winning field goal for Iowa in the 1981 Iowa versus Michigan game?

Tom Nichol. Nichol, a freshman, kicked three field goals in Iowa's 9-7 victory over Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Which field goals are easier to block a short one or a long one?

Long field goals. for short field goals, the kicker can get more height on the kick to avoid being blocked, but for longer field goals, the kicker has to sacrifice the height of the kick for the distance. thus, the longer field goals tend to fly lower and have a better chance of being blocked.

Brandon kicker of football team last season kicked 38 times without missn each field goal worth 3 points and each extra point was worth 1 point that totaled to 70 points how many field goals kicked?

16 field goals22 extra points

Who is the worst kicker in the NFL?

Mason Crosby is the worst kicker in the NFL. He has never had a season with at least an 80% on his field goals.

Which kicker had the most career field goals in the NFL?

Morten Andersen -- 565