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Most in your body i would imagine, especially when your running at the line at the same time, and having turn turn to pass behind. Mainly the hips and knees, wrists, elbows and shoulders though, oh and the fingers, The rotation of the hips and twisting of the knees enables you to get your upper body into te position to pass behind yourself. The power of the pass comes from your elbows wrist and shoulders. The spin of the pass comes from your fingers and wrists.

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Q: What joints are used passing a rugby ball?
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What kind of ball is used in rugby?

Its a rugby ball

What is Sell a dummy in rugby?

"Selling a dummy" is a term used when an attacking player, carrying the ball makes it look like they are passing the ball or about to kick the ball however, they keep possession and continue to carry the ball in the attack.

Is a rugby ball a new zealand symbol?

No, they have the Fern emblem worn on their Jerseys . The Rugby Ball emblem is used by the IRB

What is the same about the ball in 1882 and 2011 rugby ball?

nothing in reality. The original ball was a pigs bladder and was not actually round despite it being used for football (soccer) The shape changed over time to be more torpedo like for passing and kicking

How high can a rugby ball bounce?

That depends on the elasticity of the material used to make the rugby ball, the pressure to which it is inflated, and the force exerted on the ball to make it bounce.

What joints used in dribbling a ball?

Synovial Joints for a penalty Kick are Knee Joint and Thigh and Leg joint, joined with the hamstrings

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What joints are being used when kicking a ball?

i duno what a stupid question dweeb

How people stitch rugby ball?

Real match rugby balls are stitched in side out by machine. They are the placed on an machine by an operator and the ball is pulled the correct way out. A machine is then used to to stitich around a valve seating. The ball is then coated and inflated.

What are six skills used in football?

passing bat ball running

What was place kicking like in the 1920s?

Most kicking was done with a dropkick. The ball used in the 1920s had rounder tips and looked much like the ball used in rugby. The NFL changed the shape of the ball in 1934 to what it is today. The tips of the ball were made into more of a point. That was done to help the passing game, to make the ball more aerodynamic. That made dropkicking much more difficult and shortly afterwards it was completely out of the game, replaced by the placekick.

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