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i duno what a stupid question dweeb

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Q: What joints are being used when kicking a ball?
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Related questions

What Joints are being used when kicking a soccer ball?

Ball and socket, hinge, gliding.

What joints are used when kicking a ball?

The hip joint is one of the joints used when kicking a ball. The knee joint, ankle joint, and the joints in the toes are all used when you kick a ball.

What joints are used when kicking?

ball and socket joints

What are the Agonist muscles used to kick a soccer ball?

The hip, knee and ankle are the three key joints involved in kicking a soccer ball. The agonist muscles for these joints are the iliopsoas, quadriceps group of muscles and the gastrocnemius.

What sports are hinge joints used for?

in football when your about to kick the ball you have to flex and extend your allows you to bend and straighten (flexion and extension) the joint, for example, when kicking a ball in football, you bend your leg in preparation and then straighten your leg to kick the ballyour hinge joint is used in foot ball when kicking the ball

What bones are used when kicking a soccer ball and why?

Your tarsals and metatarsals are used when kicking a ball because they are in your foot

What kind of energy is used to kick a ball?

The ball itself has potential energy when being kicked. The motion of kicking uses kinetic energy within the body's structure.

What muscles are used when kicking a soccer ball?

The calf

What joints are used in catching a ball?

The main joints that are used to catch a ball are found in the fingers, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Every other joint in the body may be used to catch a ball depending on how you catch it.

What muscules are used when kicking a ball?

quadriceps,hamstigs, gastrocnemius

Part of body used when kicking ball in soccer?


What bones are used for kicking a ball?

In general, all of the bones of the lower body are used for kicking a ball. Even the arms could be considered part of the the action as they are used for balance. Certainly the hips and the bones of the legs are all involved, as are the bones of the foot.

In squats is one or multiple joints being used?

multiple joints are being used. 2 exactly.

The muscle contraction used in kicking a ball?

the muscle contraction used in kicking a ball all comes from your mind. If you can focus and imagine yourself kicking a ball you will be able to do it. Once you have completed this you can then use this skill to do many other things like running up walls and jumping off really high biuldings. If you can kick a ball then i deeply recommend you try jumping of really high biulding.

What part of a person's body should be used when kicking the ball?


Which antagonistic pair is used in kicking a ball?

Damo Loves boys

What is the same about the ball in 1882 and 2011 rugby ball?

nothing in reality. The original ball was a pigs bladder and was not actually round despite it being used for football (soccer) The shape changed over time to be more torpedo like for passing and kicking

What sport is the ball and socket joints used for?

you use your shoulder when throw a cricket ball and your hip when you kick a ball

What joints are used for basketball?

your face is used to deflect the ball

Joints involved in bowling a cricket ball?

joints used e in the body, and cannabis can help you bowl faster

What bones are used for kicking a Soccer ball?

All the bones in the leg, foot and the ones in the pelvis.

What joints are used when bowling a cricket ball?

Because u suck

What are ball joints in a car exactly?

Ball joints are a component used to connect the steering knuckle (the part that connects to the hub of the wheel) to the control arms of the vehicle's suspension frame. Ball joint bearings are designed with a ball and socket, similar to a human hip.

Are different footballs used in the NFL for passing and kicking?

The NFL provides a number of "new" unused balls for use in kicking in each game. They are used for kickoffs, punting, field goals, and extra points. The stated object of having special balls is to minimize the effect of ball wear on kicking accuracy. However, the reason they were instituted was due to complaints over teams using "doctored" balls to gain a kicking advantage. However, because they are not used in other play, they differ from the balls that kickers use in practice. So many NFL kickers can be seen beating, squeezing, or working a ball before a kickoff. They are used to kicking a 'beat up' ball. Some kickers have openly complained about the slickness of the K-balls.

What joints are used to throw a ball?

Basically all the joints in the body have a function in this. However, the main joints are spine, shoulders, neck elbows, writes finger/hand