What jobs don't require a diploma?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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You do not have to have a college diploma to work at warehouses, restaurants and retail stores. Almost all places of employment require at least a high school diploma or GED.

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Q: What jobs don't require a diploma?
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Are there any jobs that don't require a high school diploma?

Yes McDonalds

Jobs require at least a high school diploma and on-the-job training?


Jobs require at least a high school diploma and on-the-job training.?


Are there still jobs available for those with a history of accounting experience without having a diploma in accounting?

There are a lot of accounting jobs that do not require a diploma. The problem is weeding through the 75% who do require a diploma. Your best bet is to check craigslist, the local newspaper and any online site you can as well as submitting applications.

What animal care jobs does not require a high school diploma?

Basically All animal care jobs require a diploma but there is a place I hear on the gold coast that has an easy diploma coarse that yr 9 could possibly do Soz I don't no wat place it is but you can search search for like: animal care job courses with out diploma: good luck on finding a job

Do I need a high school diploma to have a construction job in Florida?

No, a high school diploma is not necessary for some construction jobs. They better paying jobs in construction do generally require them, though, and the best paying construction jobs often require a college education. Most jobs now require you to either have a HS diploma or a GED. Even a construction job requires basic knowledge of mathematics and the ability to understand plan. Unless you've got experience you'll probably need to get a GED.

Why do we have to go to high school?

To get a diploma, which a lot of jobs in the world require. Just a good idea in general.

What jobs require a bachelor's degree in carpenter?

I don't believe there is a 'batchelor's degree' in carpentry. It' generally covered by a vocational diploma.

What does it take to earn a manufacturing job?

Entry level manufacturing jobs are easy to find and seldom require more than a high school diploma. Some jobs require an advanced degree or specialized knowledge such as welding.

What educational requirements are needed for Administration Jobs?

The educational requirements needed for administration jobs varies depending on the exact nature of the job. All will require a high school diploma. Some will require a bachelors degree though not all of them.

How could one work for Laurene Powell-Jobs?

In order to obtain employment with Laurene Powell, you may need have certain qualifications depending on the job you are applying for. Some clerical jobs will not need anything but a high school diploma, while some personal assistant jobs will require a college diploma.

What are the qualifications needed to get dry cleaner jobs?

Dry cleaning is an uregulated profession, so for most jobs, the qualifications are set by the hiring companies. Most require a high school diploma.