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Due to the nature of the sport i.e starting at a young age, a lot of players have few qualifications. When a player retires they have the option of coaching, management, commentary or even being a pundit.

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Professional athletes play sports for a living. They

have achieved top standing in their chosen field

through years of training. Professional athletes are

people with natural talent, stamina, and competitive

drive. They have excellent reflexes and

coordination and are well disciplined when it comes to rigorous practice and training. Most professional athletes have risen from the

ranks of fine amateur athletes. Amateur athletes

play for the joy of competing and winning and

occasionally for awards such as Olympic medals.

Some play for schools, colleges, or clubs or in

tournaments. Unlike amateurs, however, professional athletes earn money for playing

sports. They play for profit-making teams-

professional football, Baseball, Basketball, and

hockey teams to name several. In individual sports

including golf, tennis, and boxing, athletes play in

tournaments in which prize money is awarded to the winner. Professional athletes must keep their bodies in

excellent condition. Even those players whose

sports are seasonal must be concerned about

fitness all through the year. Their training intensifies

before competitions: the Ice Hockey or basketball

star who plays for twenty or thirty minutes per game may prepare for an entire week by practicing,

analyzing strategy, and watching films of the

opposing team.

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lets just say the chances are really low... unless you are really good:)

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Is going to be on the road for who ever Whats to follow this career

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Its good.

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very good

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Q: What job prospects do professional soccer players have?
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