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Be black.

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Q: What job experience do you need to be in NBA player?
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What is Wilt Chamberlains job?

nba basketball player

Job outlook for a NBA basketball player?


What is the best paid job in America?

NBA or NHL player.

What are the job responsibilities for a NBA player?

to lead a team to a championship

What experience do you need to work as a mechanic?

You need to get the job first but then you need a little experience

What courses do you need to take to be a NBA player?

Well, if you want a backup job, take the classes that fit that backup job. But for the sole NBA career, just a lot of skill,dedication, hard work, andexercise.Hope it helped.

What was Wilt Chamberlains job?

nba basketball player for philydelphia worriors

What does catch-22 mean?

You need experience to get a job, but you can't get a job without experience. This is an example of a "CAtch 22" situation.

How do NBA get job pay?

NBA players sign a contract when deciding to play for that team. Then the general manager of that team gives the player a check.

What type of experience does one need to get a job as a systems administrator?

The type of experience you need to get a job as a systems administrator is preferably to have a degree in the subject. This will help throughout the whole job for terminology for the role which you require.

What kind of experience does one need to get a job as an event manager?

To get a job as an event manager you need to have a college degree in events planning and a minimum of five years work experience in events planning with job references.

What qualifications do you need for engineering?

you need a bachelors and an order to get a license, you need a 4 year experience in the job

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