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The Jets are (4-8-0) against the giants.

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Q: What jets record against the giants in nfl?
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Does giants have more fans than jets?

Yes, because they are popular than the jets. Giants been in the NFL before the Jets. Giants are the most outstanding of them all.

How many NFL stadiums ars there?

Thirty-one There are 32 NFL teams, but the two New York teams: Giants and Jets (or Jets and Giants to Jets fans) share the new Meadowlands Stadium (ironically, located in New Jersey)

What is the New York Giants worst NFL record?

The Giants worst NFL record to date was 1-12-1. This was back in 1966, which saw the Giants finish in last place.

What NFL team plays at the meadowlandS?

The New York Giants and the New York Jets.

What is the newest stadium in the NFL?

NY Giants and NY Jets at New Meadowlands

What was the Dallas Cowboys' record their first season?

The Cowboys first season in the NFL was 1960 and their record was 0-11-1. The tie came against the New York Giants.

Name all my best NFL Team?

Ravens Broncos Falcons Giants Jets Suck my dick

What NFL team is the only one to have a season record of 18-0?

The 2008 New England Patriots but they loose the SuperBowl against NY Giants

How many NFL teams are in NY?

Three. Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, and the New York Giants.

What are the non animal NFL team names?

Raiders, Chiefs, Packers, Steelers, SAINTS, Patriots, Bills, Jets, Giants, Texans, Titans, 49ers, Vikings

Are there more jets fans than giants fans in New Jersey?

The Jets do have more fans than the Eagles because they're a New York and the Jets are still growing because upstate New York are not Bills fans any more and they start to like the Jets and the Giants.

What are the top teams in the nfl with highest revenue?

Value of franchises (per Forbes) is Cowboys, Redskins, Patriots, Giants, Jets.