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Q: What jerseys are the giants wearing today?
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What color jerseys are the giants wearing in the super bowl?

They r wearing blue this year.

Which jerseys are the giants wearing for super bowl 46?

Red and white

What jerseys are the giants wearing in Super Bowl 42?

White. Pats are the home team.

What color jersey are the Giants wearing in the 2012 Super Bowl In Indianapolis?

They wore the their white jerseys.

What color jerseys will be worn in Super Bowl XLII by the Giants and Patriots?

I read in an article in Arizona Republic that Giants were wearing white. It didn't mention the Patriots.

New York Giants red jerseys?

Yes, Giants alternate jerseys or pracitce QB jerseys are red.

Who do the Philadelphia Eagles play this week?

they will be wearing white jerseys green pants comeon eagles spank them giants

What color jerseys are the patriots wearing in the super bowl 2012?

The Patriots are wearing their home Blue Jerseys.

Why are players names not Ohio state jerseys today?

because they where honoring the graduates of the year 62 by wearing their old uniforms. i think it was 62? if not a year in the 60's but they where wearing their uniforms so they didn't have names cuz it wasn't their actual jerseys.

What color jerseys are the giants wearing for the super bowl this year?

Red and white ones because that colored jersey is the one that goes away from their home stadium.

Are the Yankees wearing the All Star game patch AND the final season patch on their jerseys this year?

yes, they announced it today.

What jerseys will green bay wear in super bowl 45?

Packers are wearing their green jerseys. the NFC team is the home team this year. The steelers are wearing their white jerseys