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He wore the number 81

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Q: What jersey numbers did desmund howard wear for the Green Bay Packers?
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Which packers jersey does Brett Favre use?

He no longer plays for the Packers. But he played in the #4 Jersey

Are the numbers smaller on the front of packers jersey then they are on the back?

No They are perfectly even, although the franchise has the decision to change its uniform

Which color jersey is the packers going to where?


What was Green Bay Packer player Gilbert Brown jersey number?

Gilbert had two numbers with the Packers ... 71 in 1993 and 93 from 1994-2003.

What is Dwight Howard jersey number?

Dwight Howard is #12

Who wore number 89 for the Green Bay Packers?

Currently running back Ryan Grant wears jersey # 25

Who wore the 97 Jersey for the packers from 1999 to 2008?

Cletidus Hunt

List all of the Packers who wore the jersey#25?

Me I was a soccer player

What is Aaron Rodgers jersey number?

No. 12 for the Green Bay PAckers

What color jersey do the Green Bay Packers wear at home?

Customarily, the home team wears a white jersey, however there are no official rules, the opposing teams cannot be wearing similar color kits though.

Where can one purchase a Green Bay Packers jersey autographed by a player?

Someone who is a Green Bay Packers fan could buy an autographed jersey from SportsMemorabilia. A few other websites are Amazon and ProSportsMemorabilia.

What Green Bay Packers have worn the number 55?

I love to watch football. I really like the packers and #55. Can I find this jersey?