What jersey number is Iker Cassilas?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Number one. On his Real Madrid or Spain teams.

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Q: What jersey number is Iker Cassilas?
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What is Iker Cassilas' kit number?


Who is the best footballer in spain?

Iker Cassilas

Who are the best goalies in soccer?

petr cech iker cassilas shay given victor valdez thats all i could name

What goal keeper captained Spain in euro 2008?

Iker Cassilas, the Real Madrid goalkeeper, captained Spain to Euro 2008 glory.

Who are some of the Spain football team players?

David silva fernando torres xavi cesc fabragas sergio ramos charles puyol david villa iker cassilas

Top earners in soccer?

Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, David Beckham, Fernando Torres, Iker Cassilas and Lionel Messi are all currently the highest earners of the football world.

Where can you buy iker casillas jersey?

You will get it at Real Madrid.

Where was iker casillas born?

In Catalonia, Barcelona which is in Spain. He i currently number 1 as the goal-keeper for Spain...GO IKER!

Who is the number 1man soccer goalie in Spain?

Iker Casillas

Who is better julio Cesar or casilas?


Who is the best goalie on FIFA?

Buffon / Cassilas

What is the birth name of Iker Lastra?

Iker Lastra's birth name is Iker Lastra Noriega.