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Q: What item can you bring into a Green Bay Packer home game?
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What was the coldest recorded home football game in packer's history since 1959?

December, 1967 v. Dallas - -13 degrees with -46 windchill.

When is the Bear and Green Bay Game?

Chicago has home field.

Do you know if green bay was home or visiting on Super Bowl 1?

Based on pictures from the game, its apparent Green Bay was the home team in Super Bowl I as they were wearing their green jerseys.

Is green bay the home team for Super Bowl xlv?

Yes, this is what enabled them to choose their green jerseys for the game.

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Did Brett Favre run for a touchdown in the last Green Bay Packer game in Milwaukee?

The Green Bay Packers were never based in Milwaukee but they did play regular season home games in Milwaukee between 1933-1994. Their first game in Milwaukee was on December 3, 1922 against Racine Legion in which they won 14-0. They didn't play there again until 1933.

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What jerseys will the green bay packer wear in super bowl XLV?

The Green Bay Packers of the National Football Conference will be the home team in Super Bowl XLV, so they most likely will wear their green jerseys. As a result, the Pittsburgh Steelers of the American Football Conference will wear white jerseys. The home team status alternates between NFC and AFC teams each year. In Super Bowl XLIV, the Indianapolis Colts of the AFC were the home team and the New Orleans Saints of the NFC were the visiting team.

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