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The highest score int he NCAA was 113 to 0. This in a football game.

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Q: What isthe fastest score in a NCAA football game?
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What is the fastest score in a NCAA football game?

The fastest score in the NCAA would be 113-0. This is a football game.

Fastest growing sport in the NCAA?


Highest score ever in NCAA football?

The highest score in NCAA is 222-0 scored by the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Who is the Fastest player in collage football?

Jeff Demps of the Florida Gators is the fastest 100m dash in NCAA Football with a time of 9.96....

Who is the fastest NCAA football player?

Jeff Demps out of Florida

Highest score in ncaa football history?


When did ncaa football stop tie score games?


What is the highest football score ever?

it depends are you thinking NFL or NCAA

What ncaa football team has the highest ACT score?

carolina gamecocks

What is the highest score in NCAA football?

The most lopsided score was in 1916 when Georgia Tech defeated Cumberland by the score of 222-0. That is the highest score ever recorded.

Which NCAA division 1A football team has the lowest average SAT score?


Who is the fastest player in NCAA football player now in 2010?

Jeff Demps playing for the Gators

Who is the fastest player in NCAA football history?

Jeffery Demps and Trindon Holliday are widely considered the fastest players in college football. In my opinion, Demps is faster buy a little but Holliday has amazing speed as well. Yeah Demps Is Fast and Has Clocked The Fastest 100m (9.96) in the country for the NCAA. Faster Than Holliday...

Who is Ashley Martin?

She is an American who was the first to play and score in a NCAA football game, and the first woman to play and score in a Division I football game. She did this at Jacksonville State University on August 30th, 2001.

Can you return a interception for a score on a two point conversion in NCAA football?

yes, it counts for 2 points

Who was the fastest ncaa football coach to 100 wins?

Gil dobie 100 wins 5 losses three ties

What is the highest single team score in ncaa division 1 football?

The highest score for a single team is 222. Georgia Tech beat the University of the Cumberalnds. It was in 1916.

Who is the fastest person on ncaa 2014 game?

Carlos Hyde was the fastest person on NCAA 2014 game.

What was the 2006 ncaa football national championship game score?

The University of Florida 41 Ohio State University 14

What are differences in a NFL football and a NCAA football?

Well, first of all, and NCAA football has stripes on it. Second of all, an NFL football is bigger than an NCAA one.

Is there a difference between the nfl football and the ncaa football?

Yes. The NFL is professional football and the NCAA is college football.

Who holds the record for the fastest 40 yard dash electronically timed in NCAA football?

rex grossmen 4:00 lookin ass

Which NCAA football Coach has the most NCAA football championships?

Phillip Fulmer

Highest ncaa division 1 football team score in history?

Navy 74, North Texas State 62 - Nov. 2007

How many NCAA football schools are there?

There are about 119 ncaa division 1 football schools.