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139 to Australia

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Q: What is yuvraj's highest score in ODI's and where was it scored and against whom?
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Who hit the highest score in test match?

Brian Lara of West Indies scored the highest individual score in a test innings. He scored 400* against England in 2004.

Who scored lowest score in test cricket with highest number of balls?

Inzmam ul Haq is the batsman who scored lowest score in test with highest number of balls. 1 run in 35 balls against India.

Who scored highest individual score and how many runs in Pakistan lowest score of odi against westindies?

In ODI its Sachin Tendulkar who scored 200 runs and in Tests Brian Lara scored 400 runs

Who have scored the highest score in One day international 2014?

In 2014, Rohit Sharma scored the highest score of 264 runs. It is the highest score played by any player in ODIs in international cricket. The match was happened in Eden Gardens, Kolkata against Srilanka.

Which team made highest score in ICC cricket world cup match and what was the score?

India made Highest score in ICC world cup matach against Bermuda.and the total score is 413/5

What is the highest points scored in football Australian rules and what team?

The highest score by a team is 37.17.239 by Geelong in Round 7 1992 against Brisbane

What was your highest score on fifa 09?

I Scored 31 Against West Ham, West Brom, Hull, Lverpool And Chelsea!

Who has scored the highest individual ODI score in cricket?

its sachin tendulker 200 not out against south Africa at hydrbad in India

Highest score by one team?

The Georgia Tech Engineers scored 214 points against the Cumberland Bulldogs in 1916.

What team has scored the highest points in NBA and how many?

Detroit Pistons scored 186 points. The final score was 186-184 in 3OT against the Denver Nuggets

Brian Lara scored his highest individual score against which team and in how many bowls?

vs England 400*- 546 balls

Which kkr player made the highest score in T20 international?

Brendon Mc cullun scored 156 for KKr against RCB