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Q: What is your score if you shoot a 5 on a par 4?
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What is your score if you shoot an eagle on a par 5?

5 = par 4 = birdie 3 = eagle 2 = double eagle 1 = ace (hole-in-one)

What is a golf eagle?

An eagle in golf is when you score two under par on the hole. Example: On a par 4 you score a 2 or on a par 5 you score a 3

What does a birdie mean in golf?

A birdie is always one stroke below a par. Say when a par is a score of 4, that means a birdie is a score of 3. Then if a par is a score of 5, then a birdie is a score of 4. And then you get the idea.!!

If you score 4 on a par 5 hole in golf you have made a what?

A birdie.

Score 4 on a par 5 hole?

Not really a question....but that is called a birdie!

What is a score of one under par?

Every hole has a par rating - usually 3, 4 or 5. One under means one less than this. So on a par 4 hole a score of 3 is one under par. This is called a birdie.

What score does a bird get you in golf?

A "birdie" is not a specific score, it's one under whatever par for the hole is. If it's a par 3 hole, then a birdie is 2; if it's a par 5 hole, a birdie is 4.

What score is an eagle on a par 5?

A double Eagle is a 2 and a Eagle is a three on a par 5....

How much is a eagle worth in golf?

An eagle is scored when you get 2 under par. EX: Par 4 hole you score a 2. Par 4: 1- Hole in One 2- Eagle 3- Birdie 4- Par 5- Bogey

What is a eagle in golf?

A eagle in golf is when you score 2 under par on a hole. For example on a par 5 you make it in the hole in 3 shots or par 4 in 2 shots

What do you call 5 under par?

My score on the front.

What is the name for a four under par score called at a par 5?

these are the scores for strokes under par. 5 shots = par 4 shots= birdie 3 shots= eagle 2 shots= double eagle or albatross 1 shot = hole in one

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