What is your best laser tag score?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The Second Zone World Laser Tag Championships were staged at Megazone in Tampere, Finland over 30 May - 4 June 2009, with teams including Australia, Sweden, USA,and the host country, Finland.


  • Team
    • 1st - Legends (USA)
    • 2nd - Finland 1 (FIN)
    • 3rd - Finland 4 (FIN)
  • Team Eliminator
    • 1st - Legends (USA)
    • 2nd - Finland 1 (FIN)
    • 3rd - TAPSA (FIN)
    • 4th - Aus Boom (AUS)
  • Doubles
    • 1st - Plaag & jor (FIN)
    • 2nd - Cyber & Slick (USA)
    • 3rd - Homicide & Punisher (USA)
  • Solo
    • 1st - Assassin (USA)
    • 2nd - 1-Plaag (FIN)
    • 3rd - Sinclair (AUS)

***This was taking from Wikipedia.

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To be cool, I'll show you my top three best scores (for a 13 year old girl) is.......




The address for this laser tag is 23520 Overland Dr.

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Q: What is your best laser tag score?
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