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Vintage regular season Baseball ticket stubs for all teams from this era in general are worth about $4.-$6. Condition is important. Rips, crease, stains and fading could bring the price down significantly. With ticket stubs if the stub was not torn cleanly it will effect the price as will if the stub was stapled to a program (holes) which is a common practice.

Ticket stubs from baseball games that feature special events or player milestones are highly sought after by collectors. Special events such as opening day, inaugural games, last game at a Stadium, play-offs, World Series, etc. Player milestones can include 500 home runs, 300 win, or any record breaking event.

There is a large community of collectors that collect tickets stubs of baseball games when a noted player hits a Home Run. Record breaking Players such as Mantle, Mays Aaron, and now players like Alex Rodriguez who have a shot at hitting 500, 600 home runs or more. Tickets/stubs from these games are very desirable, and will bring top dollar if a collector needs this ticket to complete their set.

Try to find the box score of the game played on the date your ticket stub is from. Look for a player milestone for a noted player on both teams.

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I bought one off eBay about 3 years ago for $4.00. It all depends on who's buying and how bad they want it. I probably would of went as high as 40 or 50 bucks on the biding.

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Q: What is your 1994 Stanley cup ticket stubs worth?
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