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Q: What is yao mings wing span?
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What is yao mings real name?

yao ming

What is yao mings shoe size?

(RE; Yao Ming wears size 15 shoes USA Men size)No, he wears a 18.

Who is yao mings family?

Yao Ming and Ye Li, Husband and Wife

What are Yao Mings parents names?


Were where yao mings parents born?


How tall will yao mings daughter be?


What is yao mings team?

He playes for the Huston ROCKETS!!

What is yao mings middle name?

the answer is seungchan or shaynanay

How tall is yao mings son?

no son yet

What was yao mings careere?

A professional basketball player

How tall is yao mings wife?

she is 6 feet 2 inches tall

How high is Yao Mings salary?

Yao Ming made about $17 million per year as a NBA player. He retired from playing basketball in 2011.

How tall are yao mings parents?

Yao Ming's parents were both very tall, and over 6 feet. His mother, Fang Fendgi, is 6 feet and 3 inches, and his father, Yao Zhiyuan, is 6 feet and 7 inches.

What is yao mings phone number?

The personal phone and cell numbers of celebrities and athletes are not disclosed due to security reasons.

What is Yao Mings fan mail address?

Yao Ming receives fan mail at: BDA Sports Management, 700 Ygnacia Valley Rd, Suite 330, Walnut Creek, CA 94596. If requesting an autograph, be sure to include a self-addressed and properly stamped envelope.

How tall is William Mings?

William Mings is 5' 10".

What actors and actresses appeared in Yao see yuen gar yao jui tao - 1990?

The cast of Yao see yuen gar yao jui tao - 1990 includes: Teresa Mo Francis Ng William So Wing Hong Sheren Tang Michael Tao

Who is tallest NBA player 2009?

Yao Ming

Is wing a noun?

Yes, the word 'wing' is both a noun (wing, wings) and a verb (wing, wings, winging, winged).Examples:Our seats are over the wing of the plane. (noun)He feels enough confidence to wing it on his own. (verb)

How do you say medicine in chinese?

In Mandarin, medicine is 藥, yao.

What nicknames does Xingtong Yao go by?

Xingtong Yao goes by Yao Yao.

What is Wing tip to wing tip?

Two or more planes flying in formation with the ends of their wings almost touching.ANS 2 - Wing tip to wing tip is also a way of expressing the wing span of an aircraft

What is the future tense of wing?

The future tense is will wing.

What is the wing span of a buzzard?

The wing span of a buzzard is a 4-6ft

What is the wing span of a terradactle?

The wing span of a pterodactyl can actually vary. The average wing span though is considered to be roughly 35 feet across.

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