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air balling at P.E. and her and reamon did not beat dakota and erin in the game they made up.

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Q: What is wrong with kemyatta in basketball?
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Why they say that basketball is for men only?

Then they are wrong. Basketball is for men and women. That is why they have the NBA and WNBA (Women's National Basketball Association).

Is basketball appropriate for girls?

Yes, there is nothing wrong with girls playing basketball. Many are better than boys.

Why does it matter the way you shoot a basketball?

If you shoot it wrong you will probably miss

How many outs does a basketball team have in a inning?

Wrong sport, BASEBALL has innings and outs. BASKETBALL has quarters/halves and fouls.

What is the rule for Scoring on wrong basket in basketball?

The rule for scoring in the wrong basket is that the other team gets the point

When a player gets a foul in basketball does that mean they did something wrong?

In Basketball, a foul, is a penalty for doing something against the rules of the game.

How you can do magic?

you have put this in the wrong section, Orlando magic is the name of the basketball team

What is the height of a WNBA basketball hoop?

I beileve its 10 feet, but I may be wrong

What is prodigy's favorite sport?

Basketball not football people whats wrong with you people

Who is the color man for minnesota gophers basketball?

i think burgundy and gold but i might be wrong

Whats wrong with dakota hutto in basketball?

stay stacking bricks. HOPE ACADEMY

What is it called to interrupt in a basketball game?

i believe its called interference i know the spellings wrong

What were the first baskets used in basketball?

man don't look up this answer what wrong with u

Is it wrong to share high school basketball plays with middle school basketball teams?

since the middle school will never play the highschool that is fine

What is the normal pressure found in a basketball?

I think that the normal pressure in a typical basketball is 55kPa (kilopascals). I may be wrong, but i think this is right. Hope that helps!

What is the san antonio Texas basketball team called?

(San Antonio Spurs.)is wrong they are the road runners.they are the college basketball team.they wear orange and blue

What professional basketball team is named after a group which conquered Ireland?

The Celtics. However, the American Basketball team pronounces the word wrong. It should be pronounced "keltics."

How many dots on a NBA basketball?

i believe its 2 but i could be wrong on that one dont quote me..

What happens when a basketball player puts the ball in the wrong basket?

the point goes to the other team.

What was Villanova's basketball record against Georgetown in 1985?

I am thinking it was 25-10. Could be wrong.

How much does it cost to get into a division 2 collage basketball game?

you spelled college wrong dickweed

When was the first basketball rim created?

1967 hahaha that is the wrong answer i just wanted to put something

Why did Michael Jordan play basketball?

to prove everyone who douted him wrong and show them that he was good at lots of things

Did someone ever change the rules in basketball?

honestley, i don't think so.... i may be wrong though.

Did the Philippines qualified for 2012 olympic in mens basketball?

No, because your grammar is wrong. DID+QUALIFIED=IDIOTIC GRAMMAR