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It is very old and needs to be developed to seat more people.

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Q: What is wrong with Liverpool football stadium?
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Are Liverpool a football team?

Yes, Liverpool FC based at anfield stadium

How did Liverpool football club obtain Anfield stadium?


What is the capacity of Liverpool football club stadium?

Anfield has a capacity of 45,362.

How long is it to drive from London to Liverpool football stadium?

about 3hours, if traffic is light

When will the new Liverpool Stadium be built?

The Stanley Park Stadium is due to open in 2014. It will be the new home for the Liverpool Football Club. The stadium was originally supposed to open in 2012, but the construction was put on hold.

How far is it to walk from Liverpool lime street station to anfield football stadium?

abotu 20 minutes

What tickets can be purchased at Anfield Stadium?

At Anfield stadium one can buy tickets for football matches. Anfield is the home base for Liverpool F.C., a world famous soccer club. Liverpool was founded in 1982 at Anfield statium.

Where is the Anfield Stadium located?

Anfield Stadium is a football stadium located in Anfield,Liverpool, England which has a seating capacity of 45,525. It has been the home of Liverpool, F.C. since their formation in 1862. It was originally the home of Everton F.C. from 1884 to 1892 when they moved to Goodison Park.

In which country is Liverpool Football Club?

Liverpool Football Club is in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Is Liverpool's stadium the stadium of light?

No that's Sunderlands, Liverpools stadium is Anfield

What is the capacity of the Anfield Stadium from Liverpool?

Anfeild Stadium is a football stadium located in Anfield, Liverpool England. This stadium has 4 stands, Spion Kop, Main Stand, Centenary Stand and Anfield Road. Anfield open in 1884 and is owned by Liverpoll F.C., that stated capacity is 45,545. Record capacity is 61,905 well over the limit, in 1952 for the match between Liverpool and Wolverhampton Wanderers. Plans to replace Anfield with 60,000 capacity stadium in adjacent ot Stanley Park were in 2002.

How far is anfield from the mersey?

Anfield is the football stadium in Anfield, Liverpool, England. It is five minutes away from Goodison Park. Goodison Park is the football stadium located in Walton, Liverpool, England.