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Clean New Autographed BasbeallWhen a Baseball is signed by a player(s) the collectible is the signature not the baseball. The baseball is an item to display the signature. A clean white baseball is most preferred to display the signature.

A "game used" ball is a collectible and will vary in value depending on the historic value of the game if any. Added value as a "game used "ball would be in the ability to prove so. A "Game used" baseball would have to be accompanied with provenance, and the quality of the provenance will dictate the added value. A letter from a player, team, or League official would be acceptable. A letter from a fan at the game would not hold much weight if any. Without provenance the added value will rely on the buyers belief in the story. In most cases a "game Used baseball will lower the value of the signature based on condition.

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Q: What is worth more- a game used autographed baseball or a un-game-used autographed ball?
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What is worth more a game used autographed baseball or a un game used autographed ball?

A game used autographed baseball.

What is the value of an autographed Albert Pujols baseball?

This ball is worth around $100

How much does an autographed baseball sell for?

That would depend on who has autographed the ball and if the ball is special in any way (a record breaking home run ball for example could be worth half a million dollars).

How much is a Warren Moon autographed NFL Football worth?

How much is a Warren Moon autographed worth on ball.

What is the value of a albert pujols autographed ball?

This ball is worth around $100

How much is a Mickey Mantle autographed ball worth?


What is an Autographed Ball signed by Bill Jackowski worth?


How much is a Atlanta Braves autographed ball worth?


How much is a autographed ball of Louis aparicio worth?

Baseball autographs vary greatly based on the quality of the signature and the age of the baseball itself. The age of the baseball can be determind by the commisioner's name on the ball. Overall you can expect that this baseball is worth $35-70 USD.

Ball is Official Ball American League with Bobby Brown as President and looking into value and authenticity of Autographed baseball which includes autograph by Jim Fry Jim Fry?

what is the ball worth

How much is a rod Stewart autographed soccer ball worth?


How much is an autographed soccer ball by ronaldinho worth?

1, 000,000.00

What is the value of a Frank Howard autographed baseball?

An official major league ball signed by Frank howard would be worth about $35-$40.

What is the value of a baseball autographed by Mickey Mantle and Sandy Koufax?

Each ball would go anywhere from $500-$2,000 so with both signed on on ball the ball could be worth up to $5,000

What is the value of a Mickey Mantle autographed baseball with a picture of him and writing about him on the baseball?

The baseball you seem to be describing is a fotoball or photo ball. The ball features a facsimile (stamped) signature of Mickey Mantle. The baseball is more of a novelty, than a collectible, and is worth about $10.

How much is an autographed baseball from joe Gordon worth?

Currently that ball in near mint condition would be worth $1500-$3000. I need one and would love to buy it if it is for sale.

What is a 1956 pitsburgh pirates autographed baseball worth?

alot very rare, Jackie Robinson signed and a ford frick national league game ball

What is the typical cost for a baseball autographed by Derek Jeter?

A baseball signed by Derek Jeter can vary in price. Depending on the condition and whether or not the ball was played with or not can very well determine the price of the ball. Most baseball's signed by Derek are worth $80 to collectors.

What is the value of a Bruce sutter autographed baseball?

about 45.00 (not including age/authenticity of the ball)

How much is an autographed Brooks Robinson Hall of Fame 1983 baseball worth?

A Brooks Robinson autographed baseball is worth $83 if it is on a Rawlings Official Major League baseball and it has been properly authenticated by a reputable authenticator. Inscriptions add to the value (anywhere from 15% to 35%) of a ball and Hall of Fame (HOF) is one of the most valuable inscriptions. For Brooks Robinson, having 'HOF '83' inscribed on the ball adds about $23 to the value. So the total value of a Brooks Robinson autographed baseball inscribed with HOF '83 is just over $100.

What is the value of Tim Tebow autographed football?

Tim Tebows autograph is worth $300-500 depending if its on a real ncaa ball.....a game used Florida ball autographed would cost $2,000!

What is a Brooklyn dodgers team autographed ball from their world series worth?

About a dollar and some change......maybe

What is the value of a pepper martin autographed baseball?

All about the bargain. So if you're a good salesmen you're in good shaped. Probably the ball in itself is worth around 2,000.

How do you protect an autographed football from fading?

you can buy a case for it like a ball cube for an autograph baseball

How much is Ron Gant autographed ball?

20 to 40$ for a signed baseball by Ron Gant, more if you have anactualgame ball and can prove it.