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Handball lol, some guy who has obviously never been to an ice hockey match.

Ice Hockey is faster then both handball and Basketball. There is no argument. One can skate faster then one can run due to the lack of friction between the skate blade and the ice.

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Q: What is world fastest game basketball or ice hockey?
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Which is the fastest team game in world?

ice hockey

Which is considered the fastest team game in the world?

i want to askthe fastest team game in the world?

Which is the fastest game after ice hockey?

Horshoes by far is the most intense, fastes game in the world

Which is the fastest game playing in the world?

1.Ice Hockey 2.Handball

Is basketball the second richest game in the world?

Well no there's soccer, football,basketball, hockey, lacrosse and etc

What is the 2nd fastest outdoor game on the world?

A ssc ultimate aero is the fastest car in the world. second is the Bugatti veyron

Which is considered as the fastest team game in the world?

There are actually two answers to this question. Ice Hockey is the fastest moving team game in terms of overall speed of play. Jai Alai is the fastest team game in terms of how fast the ball moves (it's been clocked at over 188 mph).

Is ringette the fastest game on ice?

Ice Hockey is faster.

Top 10 sports in the world?

Football Hockey cricket tennis table tennis snooker pool basketball WWE Swimming Game

Did Justin bieber play basketball?

No, he plays hockey and basketball and does a lot of soccer tricks.

What does tol stand for in hockey scoreboard?

It stands for Time Outs Left, although in hockey, they only get one timeout for the entire game. A lot of scoreboards are used in an arena that hosts both hockey and basketball games, though, and in basketball, they have a few more than in hockey.

What sports originated in Canada?

ice hockey when french soldiers created the game they used a rubber ball and then rules and regulations and the hockey puck was added Basketball and Lacrosse