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Michigan leads the series 58-43-6

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Q: What is win loss record for Ohio State vs Michigan football games?
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How many games has Ohio state won when playing Michigan?

As of the beginning of the 2013 college football season, Ohio State has a record of 44-58-6 when facing Michigan in football.

What is win-loss record for Michigan vs Michigan State football games?

The Wolverines lead 67-29-5

What is the all time record between Florida state and Michigan State for mens' football?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, Florida State and Michigan State have met twice (in 1987 and 1988) and Florida State won both games.

What is win-loss record for Michigan vs Penn State football games?

Penn State has won the last 3 in a row. Prior to that, Michigan won the last 9 in a row.

What is win loss record for Ohio State vs Michigan football games since 1950?

Ohio State has an edge since 1950. The records are (Ohio State) 29-27-5 (Michigan) 27-29-5

How many football games has Michigan state won since 1969?

Michigan State has compiled a 316-139-13 record (.689) but that is since 1923 when they first started. ><

What is Michigan's record vs Oklahoma State football?

Michigan is 2-0 all-time against Oklahoma State. Michigan won 42-3 on October 2, 1926 and 35-3 on September 19, 1992. Both games were in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

What is the record at Michigan Stadium vs the Penn State Nittany Lions football team?

Through the 2008 season, Penn State has played 7 games at Michigan Stadium and their record is 2-5. They won the first 2 games they played there (1994, 1996) and have lost the last 5 (1998, 2000, 2002, 2005, 2007).

What is the win-loss record of Iowa vs Michigan football games?

Michigan leads the all-time series, 40-13-4.

What is Michigan all time record versus Florida in football?

Michigan has played Florida twice in NCAAF, and Michigan won both times. Both in bowl games 2002, 2007.

Who won more bowls Michigan wolverines or Ohio State buckyes?

Michigan has played in 41 bowl games with a record of 20-21-0. Ohio State has played in 42 bowl games with a record of 19-23-0.

What is Michigan's bowl record this decade?

The Michigan Wolverines have attended 8 bowl games during the 2000-2008 football seasons. They have won 3 and lost 5.

What is win-loss record for Ohio State vs Michigan football games?

As of the 2009 game that Ohio State won 21-10, the Wolverines lead the series 57-43-6.A lot of the Ohio State losses were before 1950. Since 1950 Ohio State leads 31-27- 2 Michigan won or tied the first 15 games. OSU beat Michigan for the first time in 1919.

Who has the longest winning streak between OSU and Michigan football?

Michigan's longest winning streak against Ohio State is 9 games (1901-1909) and Ohio State's longest winning streak against Michigan is 6 games (2004-2009).

What is the Michigan football record versus the sec?

As of the 2008 season, Michigan's record against the SEC is 20-5-1. Since 1994,Michigan is 7-1 against the SEC. They've defeated Auburn, Alabama and Florida twice in recent bowl games.

Is Michigan state better then university of Michigan in football?

Not historically. Michigan is the winningest college football program of all-time. But don't let that fool you. Any school could have that title had they been playing football since the 1800's. As of right now, though, State has won the last 2 matches over Michigan and has attended bowl games, while Michigan sat at home.

What is the Miami Hurricanes all time football record versus Michigan?

Miami and Michigan have played twice with each team winning once. In 1984, Michigan won 22-14 and in 1988, Miami won 31-30. Both games were played at Michigan.

What college football team holds the modern record for wins in a decade?

Florida State won 109 games in the 1990's, but that record was just broken by Boise State, which won 112 games from 2000-2009.

What is Kansas State's record vs Southern California in football?

Through the 2008 season, Kansas State and USC have met twice in football (2001 and 2002) with Kansas State winning both games.

Where can one buy football tickets in Michigan state?

There are a variety of locations where one could purchase tickets to football games in Michigan. Likewise, there are many collegiate teams and one professional football team in Michigan. Tickets can be purchased at the box office or official websites for any of these teams, along with StubHub and other ticket selling sites.

What coach lost 7 college football bowl games?

Lloyd Carr - Michigan...he finished his career with a 6-7 Bowl Record and 1 National Championship.

Which NCAA football team has the most consecutive wins?

Division III school Mount Union in Ohio holds the NCAA record for consecutive wins with 55 between 2000-2003. The Division I record is held by the University of Oklahoma who won 47 straight games between 1953-1957. Michigan has 41 consecutive wins. As of October 18, 2007 the Division II record is held jointly by Hillsdale of Michigan and Grand Valley State of Michigan at 34 games. The Grand Valley streak is current and they can gain hold of the all time record with a victory over Northwood on October 20, 2007.

When was the last loss for Michigan State football at Notre Dame?

Through the 2008 season, that was September 18, 1993 when Notre Dame won, 36-14. Since then, Michigan State has won 6 straight games in South Bend.

How many wins does Michigan football have total?

As of October 20, 2012, the Michigan Wolverines have won exactly 900 college football games.

Who has won the most games in college football?

Michigan won the most games