What is wild card in tennis?

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In tennis wild card means tournament or play off awarded to a team that was not qualified threw normal play.

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Q: What is wild card in tennis?
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What mean wc in tennis?

the 'wc' which is in front of the players instead of rankings means "Wild Card" which the tournaments summoned like a wild card

Who is the first wild card to win Wimbledon tennis final?

goran ivanisevic

What does wc stand for?

Water closet. Winston Churchill. In tennis, wc stand for Wild card.

What does Q and WC stand for in tennis?

Qualifier and Wild Card Qualifiers Qualify through a qualifying round and Wild Cards are offered to players via the tournament hosts

Can you discard a wild card in phase 10?

There is no phase 10 and there is no wild card.

Wild card in baseball?

how many wild card teams will be in baseball playoff

Who is wild rabbit tennis player?

Roger Federer

How long has there been a wild card in baseball?

1995 was the year the the Wild Card was introduced.

How many times have the dodgers won the wild card?

2 wild card wins

Where are the Red Sox in the wild card race today?

They have clinched the wild card and are in the playoffs.

In Wimbledon tennis who is the only wild card to win the gentleman's singles championship?

Not sure whether he is the only one, but when Goran Ivanisevic won Wimbledon in 2001 he was a wildcard.

Movies about tennis?

There is a very good movie about tennis called Wimbledon which is about a guy who gets into the Wimbledon on a wild card, and meets a girl tennis player there and falls in love with her, and sh ehelps him win the grandfinal of Wimbledon and therefor win Wimbledon, its a really great movie you should watch., its called Wimbledon.

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