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The weights due to be carried by Grand National runners range from a minimum of 10 stone (140lb) to a maximum of 11 stone 10 pounds (164 lbs). This includes the weight of the "tack" (saddle etc) as well as the jockey.

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Q: What is weight of a grand national jockey?
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What jockey won the 2009 grand national?

Liam Treadwell

Which jockey has won both the French Derby and the Grand National?

Percy Woodland.

Winner of the grand national 2010?

Don't Push It (Jockey AP McCoy)

Who were the Trainer and Jockey 2001 Grand National?

Red Marauder won the 2001 Grand National. Trained by Norman Mason and ridden by Richard Guest.

How many times has jockey Richard Dunwoody won the English Grand National?


When has Frankie Dettori won the Grand National?

He hasn't. Detori is a flat jockey and doesn't do the jumps.

When did royal Rosa fall in grand national 2010?

The jockey fell off at fence 14.

Who won this years grand national?

if you read this in 2010 the winner was don't push it with a jockey named A.P Mcoy

Who won the grand national in 1976?

Rag Trade Owner Mr Mr PB Raymond Jockey J Burke

What is longest horse race held under jockey club rules?

Surely the grand national - jumps (4M 4F) Possibly the ascot stakes - flat (2M 6F) The longest flat race under Jockey Club Rules is The Newmarket Town plate at 3M 6F. The Grand National is run under National Hunt Rules.

Average weight of a Horse Jockey?

10 stone for a jump jockey and 8.7 stone for flat jockey.

Which jockey won the Kentucky Derby and the Grand National?

G. Stevens won the Grand National five times, in 1856, 1863, 1864, 1869 and 1870, and won the Kentucky Derby three times, in 1988, 1995 and 1997. Of course, it isn't the same G. Stevens; the Grand National winner was George Stevens and the Kentucky Derby winner was Gary Stevens. But it's probably the closest to an answer you can get, since no jockey has won both races.

How much does the jockey get paid for winning the Grand National?

The winner of the 2013 Grand National, 66/1 shot Auroras Encore ridden by Ryan Mania, reaped 547,268 pounds of the total prize money of 975,000 pounds.

Did a woman ever win the grand national horse race?

No female jockey has ever won the Aintree Granda National. Jenny Pitman and Venetia Williams both trained winners.

What is the ideal weight for a jockey?

100 pounds

How tall can a jockey be?

A jockey can pretty much be any height. They just have to weight 115 or under.

How do you train to become a jockey?

To be a jockey you have to be able to ride a fast horse and loose a lot of weight

Who won this year's grand national?

In 2011 the Grand-National winner was Jockey- Jason McGuire and the horses name was Ballabriggs, Oscar Time was second, Don't Push it in 3rd. State of Play was in 4th place, closely followed by Niche Market in fifth.

What weight is a jockey?

they are only about 30-40 kilos

What is the official jockey weight of a Kentucky Derby rider?

There is no official weight for a Kentucky Derby jockey. The weight is assigned to the horses. The amount of weight carried by colts in the Derby is 126 pounds. Fillies carry 121 pounds. If a jockey weighs less than either of those weights, then additional weight is added to the saddle of the horse to achieve the desired weight.

What is the lead weight carried by the horse in a handicap race to supplement a jockey's weight?


Was their a Jockey named Jeremy Speed Soot?

Yes but spelled Jeremy Spiede-Soote. He was a 1960s National Hunt jockey.

What is the maximum weight of a jockey at the Kentucky Derby?

85 pounds

What was the horse that came third place in the grand national horse race?

The Horse Was Called Don't Push It. The Jockey Was Called Tony McCoy. The Bookies Ratio Was 9/11.

How is a jockey's weight decided?

Regulations. GN has to be between 140-165#