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going web site to web site just lookin around

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Actually this are the two most common terms. but Surfing means using net just for the time pass. browsing means using net for any specific purpose.

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Q: What is web surfing and web browsing?
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What is a common name for browsing the internet?

"Surfing the web" or "web browsing" or "Google it"

What is browsing from site to site called?

Surfing the web.

What does it mean when you are casually browsing webpages?

It means you are "surfing the web."

What is the definition of surfing in internet?

A process to explore the web on the internet through random browsing is called browsing.

Surfing the web?

Surfing the web just means browsing internet webpages, As the world wide web is like a spiders web, linking to different section of the internet, and cannot be limited.

What is the definition of surfing?

Surfing is a water sport. The person surfing rides a surfboard toward the shore on top of incoming waves. Surfing is also a word used for "surfing the internet," where one goes from one web site to another, browsing the web.

What is actual meaning of net surfing?

Net surfing, also known as web surfing or internet surfing, refers to the act of browsing or navigating through various websites and web pages on the internet.

How can you improve your w375 Internet browsing?

There is no such specific way to improve internet browsing i your Motorola w375. It depends on factors like network strength, internet speed provided by your carrier. Number of programs running in background if using internet. Web browser you are using in surfing. Suggest opera mini for speedy internet surfing & browsing.

Main functions of a web browsing software?

Browsing the web.

What are the steps in browsing the web?

enumerate the steps in browsing the web

What applications to install for gaming and web surfing?

what does gaming and Web surfing mean

What phrase do people use to refer to the activity of using links to explore the Web?

The processor is also called the?