What is wc mean in football?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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world cup

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Q: What is wc mean in football?
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What was the football used in FIFA WC 2010 South Africa called?

The Jabulani was the official football used at the FIFA WC. It was used in every single game.

What was the name of the football of WC 2006?

Adidas Teamgeist

Who were the first competeitors in wc football history?

Mexico and France

Who was the top scorer from Slovakia in wc football 2010?

Robert Vitteck

Who was the coach of Argentina football team in fifa wc 2006?


Who is the second Asian country to host FIFA WC football?


What do wc mean on a toilet door?

WC Means Water Closet No Idea Why It Just Is

Who is the nick name was 'The Eliphants' in FIFA wc football 2010?

Ivory Coast

Who was the captain of Ghana football team in fifa wc 2010?

Stephen Appiah

What is mean WC?

Water Closet

Where football was made for world cup 2010?

South Africa hosted the WC 2010.

Which team score most goals in wc football final so far?