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Wake Forest is not a black school, historically or today. It is a small, private liberal arts school. It is known for being difficult to get into and for its academic rigor. In particular, the business school is very good for undergraduate and graduate programs.

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Q: What is wake forest university known for?
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Does Wake Forest university or the university of Miami have better academic records?

Wake Forest!!! Of course Wake Forest! It's not called Work Forest for nothing!

When was Wake Forest University Press created?

Wake Forest University Press was created in 1976.

When was Wake Forest University created?

Wake Forest University was created on 1834-02-03.

Where is Wake Forest University?

Wake Forest University is located in the town of Winston Salem, North Carolina

When was Wake Forest University School of Divinity created?

Wake Forest University School of Divinity was created in 1834.

What is the smallest ACC university?

Wake Forest University

In what state is the Wake Forest soccer team based?

The Wake Forest soccer team is based out of Wake Forest University. The university is located in North Carolina. The team defeated Ohio State for the NCAA soccer championship in 2007.

What sports does Wake Forest university have?

It may be GOLF

What university has a mascot named the deacon?

Wake Forest

How far is Wake Forest NC from outer banks NC?

Distance from wake forest university to nags head nc

How much does it cost to go to Wake Forest?

The total cost to attend Wake Forest University (per year) is aprox. $50,000

What university is in Winston-Salem?

There are two: Wake Forest University Winston-Salem State University