What is virat kholi wife name?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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He is not married yet.

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Q: What is virat kholi wife name?
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Score of virat kholi?

virat kholi scored 54 cool right

Who is Virat Kholi?

Virat is a indian person. He is a professional cricketer.

Is virat kholi converted Islam?


Why is virat kholi known as cheeku?

He is the current test captain. Cheeku is his nick name.

What has virat kholi studied?

Virat is a professional player. he studied at bharat public school.

What is the name of virat kolhi's father and mother?

Fathers name is prem kholi. Mothers name is Saroj kohli.

How many fifties made by virat kholi?

47 International fifties.

Vice captain of indian cricket team?

virat kholi(from 2012)

Is sanjana was virat kholi real girl friend?

i think she is best

Who is the favorite cricketer of virat kholi?

He is playing for india. His favorite player is sangakkara.

What is virat kohli mother name?

He is a Indian citizen. His mothers' tongue is hindi.

Who is virat kohli gf?

Kholi is a handsome boy. His girl friend is anushka sharma.