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vince carter is officially listed as a guard.

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Q: What is vince Carter's position on the basketball court?
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What is the name of vince carters restaurant?

Vince Carter's

Did vince limbardi play basketball?


Who made the world's farthest basketball shot and where?

vince carter did in magic practice facility last year... sitting down !!.. FULL COURT SHOT.

Who is better at basketball courney lee or vince carter?

Courtney lee in the long run, but for now Vince carter.

Is LeBron James better than Vince Carter in basketball?

Yes, individual and team statistics would support that Lebron James is better than Vince Carter in basketball.

What position does Vince Williams play?

Vince Williams plays Line Back for the Pittsburg Steelers.

What position does Vince Belnome play?

Vince Belnome is a first baseman for the Tampa Bay Rays.

Which famous basketball players wore number 15?

vince carter

What basketball player criticized the Toronto raptors playoff game?

vince carter

What college basketball team did vince carter play for?

He played at North Carolina

Who wore the number 15 for the North Carolina tarheels in basketball?

Vince Carter

Is vince Carter going bald?

It is fairly obvious that basketball great Vince Carter is balding. It is a normal happening for many men his age.

What famous college basketball players wore 23?

Vince Carter Michael Jordan

When did Vince Lombardi Begin coaching the packers?

Vince Lombardi accepted the Green Bay head coaching position in January of 1959

Who wore the number 15 jersey for the UNC Tarheels men's basketball team?

Vince Carter

Is vince carter the greatest dunker in nba history?

No. Dominique Wilkins. Not because of how high he could jump, but because of how hard he slammed it in. Carters probably top 5 though.

What position did Vince Papale play?

He played wide receiver and he was on special teams.

Did Vince Carter ever get an MVP?

No. While Vince Carter was a successful basketball player and an eight-time NBA All-Star, he never received the MVP award.

What famous basketball players wore number 15?

Vince Carter Carmelo Anthony Kemba Walker

What is the value of an autographed vince carter 1999 rookie of the year spalding basketball in the box?

The value of the 1999 Spalding autographed basketball featuring rookie of the year Vince Carter, Toronto Raptors, is approximately worth $100. The basketball is a limited edition - 5,000 in circulation. The value may be plus $30-$40 in the Toronto marketplace.

How do you make a full court shot on nba 2k13 psp?

Vince carter jr.

Who is the most famous basketball player in the world?

Lebron James, Vince Carter, Dominique Wilkins, Michael Jordan.

What is vince carters nickname?

He has many: "VC", "Vincanity" (like insanity), "Air Canada" (When he played for Toronto, the arena was called the Air Canada Center for the airline company) and "Half Man Half Amazing"

Is Chris Carter football and Vince Carter basketball brothers or cousins?

No they are not brothers .Vince has a brother named Chris though who is a rehabbing drug addict. His brother Chris does not play any professional sports.

Who was on the 1997 UNC roster in basketball?

vince carter antwan jamison shammod williams ed cota branden haywood