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A game between two football teams that is competed at the varsity level.

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2011-04-15 19:10:20
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Q: What is varsity football game?
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How long is a varsity football game?

about 3 hours

Is it legal for a high school varsity football game to do a center sneak?


Can a football varsity player also play junior varsity?

No. A football player can only be on the junior varsity (JV) team *OR* the varsity team.Unless they get bumped down

How long does varsity football game last?

A high school varsity football game runs 12 minute quarters. The entire game clock is 48 minutes. In contrast, the college and the pros play 15 minute quarters for a total of 60 minutes.

When a varsity high school football game ends in regulation as a tie what happens next?

it just ends

Jv football player plays Thursday night can he also play the varsity game on Friday night?

No he can not, that he would either be inelegible to play for jv if he was good enough to play on varsity

What is the difference in JV football reserve football and freshmen football?

speed freshmen football is slower than JV football and JV football is slower than varsity football the only differences between the levels (freshmen, JV, and varsity) is skill and speed

What is a sentence for varsity?

My sister plays on a varsity team for Wolf pack. My high school varsity (American) football team repeatedly failed miserably.

Is there a Junior Varsity Football team in College?

no there isnt

Can a sophomore playing varsity high school football move back down to Junior Varsity?

Hell yeah

Would I make jv or varsity football?

It All depends on how skillful of a football player you are

Is American high school varsity football team good?

Varsity football teams are not good just because they have quality education and top sport equipment does not mean there good

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