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Joe DiMaggio was 3 years old in 1917, and you are mistaken on what year the card is from. DiMaggio's Major League debut was in May of 1936. The 1938 Goudey Joe DiMaggio is considered his rookie card, and sells for about $4,000. and up in excellent+ condition. The same card graded by PSA in near/Mint-Mint condition could sell between $15,000. AND $40.000. Some of his early cards were made by Play ball (1939 Play Ball Joe DiMaggio #26 Baseball card ) A good way of finding the value of collectible items is to see what they are selling for at auction. eBay would be a good yardstick for this. Regardless of what an item is listed for in a "price guide" the true value is what collectors are currently paying for it. Steven KeyMan If you send me the correct information on the card you are looking for I'll be happy to help you out.

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Q: What is value of a 1917 Joe DiMaggio Jr basecard?
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