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The "gold" helmets are part of their throwback jerseys of old.. same reason why their home jerseys are black with gold numbers and letters instead of the normal white.

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Q: What is up with the Steelers ugly looking helmets this year?
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What year did Pittsburgh Steelers use schutt helmets?


Why do the Steelers wear multiple numbers on the back of their helmets?

For players that died in the offseason or during the year.

What year did the Pittsburgh Steelers remove one of the stickers on their helmets?

They never had one on the left side. Just on the right. It also used to say Steel, instead of the Steelers name that you see today.

What year did the Pittsburgh Steelers put logos on their helmets?

In 1962, the Steelers equipment manager Jack Hart applied the logo to the helmet (at that time the helmets were a solid gold color) and the Steelers were uncertain how it would look. So he applied them to the right side only. Later on, even after changing the helmet color to black, they left the logo on the right side only, due to the teams new found success & uniqueness of the logo. The Steelers are now the only team with a logo on only one side of the helmet.

What is the GU logo on the back of the Pittsburgh Steelers helmets in the Super Bowl?

Gene Upshaw, 15 year member of the Oakland Raiders, Hall Of famer died August 2008

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What is unique about the Pittsburgh Steelers helmet logo?

The Steelers only have one logo because when they originally put the steel mark on the helmets they wanted to see how it looked on the gold helmets and put it just on one side. And later that year they went to the playoffs for the first time so as good luck they decided to change the helmet to black to show the logo better and keep the one side.

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Are the cowboys better then The Steelers?

Not this year.


It is difficult to provide an exact number, as sales figures can vary year to year and by region. However, on average, millions of bicycle helmets are sold worldwide each year.

What year did Big Ben join the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Ben Roethlisberger was drafted by the Steelers in 2004.

What year did the Pittsburgh Steelers first make the playoffs?

The first year the Steelers made the playoffs was 1972, the year of the Immaculate Reception. In 1947, the Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles ended up tied for the NFL East lead and had to play a 'playoff' game to determine a winner. The Steelers lost that game 21-0.