What is underarm clear drop?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Q: What is underarm clear drop?
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What are the stroke in badminton?

Clear- Far shot to force the player to the back of the net. Smash- Fast, downward shot. Usually involves jumping into the air. Overhand- A simple, forward movement of the racket over your head to hit the birdie. Backhand- Self-explanatory. Drop Shot- Usually done after a clear, where you tap the birdie just over the net.

Do you do over arm or underarm in the modified softball game?


What is especially tricky about the forehand underarm clear in batminton?

the forehand underarm clear is a difficult shot to play for many reasons. Firstly, because it is an underarm shot, the shuttle is likely to be below the net, therefore, when you make contact with the shuttle, it is going to go high over the net, making it easy for your opponent to smash it back down at you. Secondly, the lower you let the shuttle go, the more momentum it looses, making it harder the cear the shuttle to the back of the court with an underarm shot. hope this is useful.

Is it necessary to throw the ball in the air when doing a underarm volley ball serve?

no you might just want to drop it so you can hit it up and it is called an underhand serve

What is the best remedy for underarm odor for kids?

use deodorant every morning and your underarm odors will be invisible.

Do you add a degree when taking temperature underarm?

yes, add one degree when taking underarm temperature

Where can one find a guide on how to make underarm shields?

One can find a guide on how to make underarm shields when one goes to the website of wikihow and amazon. There one can get information of how to sew underarm shields.

What happens when a referee calls an unofficial drop kick what happens after?

can you explain this as it not clear what unofficial drop kick means.

Where do you put Deodorant?

On your underarm

What are three types of hits in badminton?

over head clear drop shot smash under head clear

What is it if you have a small hard painful red bump on your underarm?

If you shave your underarm, it could be ingrown hairs that got infected.

How do you disarm a Smith and Wesson 9mm?

Drop the magazine and clear the chamber.