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Turf hockey is Field Hockey.

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Q: What is turf hockey?
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In what country did turf hockey originate?

The modern game of field hockey (which is commonly played on an artificial turf) originated in England.

What is the cost of a hockey astro turf?

approximately $750,000

Is hockey in the Olympics in Beijing 2008?

If you mean turf hockey then yes it is in the 2008 Olympics

Would grass or turf be better for field hockey?

I personally play field hockey on grass but turf is good too overall i say it is better to be played on grass

Which equipments are required in hockey?

it depends what type of hockey grass astro turf indoor ice

What do you need for turf hockey?

Shinpads, mouthguards and of course stick.

What artificial surface of hockey field is called?


What is olympic hockey playing surface?

water based astro turf but it gets called smurf turf at London 2012 due to the colour of it

What footwear do you use for field hockey?

Depending on the type of field you play on, soccer or softball shoes/boots (for grass) or turf shoes (for artificial turf).

What footwear should you use for field hockey?

You should wear cleats to play field hockey if you are playing on a grass field. If you are playing indoors you should wear sneakers. If you are on artificial turf you should wear turf shoes and if you don't have turf shoes you should wear sneakers. But sneakers wouldn't be a good idea because you slide EVERYWHERE.

What kind of field do you usually play field hockey on?

Field Hockey, at the higher levels is normally played on a turf field. High schools normally will play on grass.

What is the width of a hockey field in meters?

The standard width of a hockey turf is 55.00m (fifty-five point zero zero metres), including the width of the backlines which they end at.

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