What is trashcan football?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Trashcan football is a great game to play when hosting a youth event. 2 games can be set up simultaneously on 1 football field. Equipment needed: 4 large trashcans, large cones or markers to designate playing zone, 12 small cones to mark "end zones". For each playing field, set up field where 2 trash cans are approximately 25 yds apart. Place 3 small cones in an equilateral triangle around a trashcan. The cones should be about 3 yds from the can with the can in the center of the triangle. This is an "end zone" and the triangle cones mark a "no play" zone. Players cannot throw the ball into the trashcan while in this zone.

The game itself is more like Rugby than football, a lot of passing takes place. If the ball holder (baller) is tagged, he/she needs to stop advancing and pass the ball to a teammate. If the ball is fumbled, that is a turn over, baller goes out of bounds, turnover, throws for a goal and misses, ball goes to other team. Usually, play length is determined by time OR certain number of points. We played for 1 point per canned ball.

I'm sure there are many variations. The teams begin on their goal side of center field with the ball on center field. 2 designated players,centers, rush to ball and play begins as soon as the ball is gathered by one. Interceptions and fancy footwork are encouraged and so is GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP!! This game is a hoot and even skeptics will enjoy it. Have fun!

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Q: What is trashcan football?
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