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Q: What is toronto's hockey team name?
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What is torontos hockey team called?

toronto maple leafs

What is the name of Boston hockey team?

The Boston hockey team is the Boston Bruins.

Hockey team name starting with the letter y?

Yale Bulldogs is the name of the hockey team at Yale University.

What is the name of the US hockey team?

its called the fatties team

What Hockey team name begins with you?

The University of Minnesota Golden Gophers is an ice hockey team. The Utah Utes are an ice hockey team at the University of Utah.

What is the name of Nunavut's hockey team?


What is the name of Buffalo's hockey team?


What was the name of the hockey team that played minor league hockey?

there are alot of hockey teams that play in the minors

What is the Name of the Australian Women's Hockey Team Called?

The Hockeyroos (hockey + kangaroos, geddit?) :)

What is Canada's hockey teams name?

Team Canada

What is a good Hockey team name?

dangler PROdigy

What is the name of the Australian men's hockey team?


What hockey team name is the oldest?

Montreal Canadeans.

What is the name of the LA hockey team?

LA kings

What is the name for Providence hockey team?

Providence Bruins

What was the name of Justin Biebers hockey team?

What is the first name of the hockey team in Montreal?


What was the name of Justin's Hockey team?

The Atlanta Knights

What is torontos NFL team?

Currently they do not have one, but the NFL has been speculating about relocating the Buffalo Bills to Toronto.

How did the Minnesota wild get their name?

because it was a good hockey team name

What is the name of the N.Z women's hockey team?

Not to be racist, but apparently the New Zealand women's hockey team is called the Black Sticks.

Canada hockey team what does it mean?

Canada hockey team means it is a Canadian hockey team.

What was the name of the 1970's Reno hockey team?


What was the name of the first ice hockey team?

Bradford Bulldogs

What is a funny pond hockey team name?

the frozen fishes