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A horse can reach up to about 43 to 44 miles per hour at top speed.

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Q: What is top speed of a horse mph?
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Can a giraffe run faster than a horse?

No, a giraffe can not run faster than a horse. A giraffe has a top speed of 32 mph while a horse has a top speed of 54 mph.

What is top speed and horse power for a 1999 polaris indy xcr 700?

105-110 mph

What is the top speed of a horse?

around 25 to 38 mph !

What is the top speed of a horse and buggy?

30 or maybe 40 mph

What is top speed of a thoroughbred race horse?

45 - 6o mph

How fast is the horse running the KY derby?

A horse has has a top speed of about 45-50 mph

Are Lamborghinis faster than the Ford GT?

The Ford GT boasts a Top speed of 205 mph while the Lamborghini's rank in as follows: 350GT - Top speed 150 mph 350 GTV - Top speed 170 mph 450 GT 2+2 -Top speed 160 mph Muira - Top speed 179 mph Espada - Top speed 179 mph Islero - Top speed 154 mph Jarama - Top speed 150 mph Urraco -Top speed 140 mph Countach -Top speed 183 mph Silhouette -Top speed 160 mph Jalpa -Top speed 150 mph LM002 -Top speed 130 mph Diablo -Top speed 210 mph Murclelago -Top speed 219 mph Gallardo -Top speed 190 mph Reventon - Top speed 221 mph So as you can see, only three models of Lamborghini are faster than the Ford GT.

What is the average fasted quarter horse speed?

I believe that the fastest an average quarter horse can run is about thirty to forty mph at top speed.

How fast do wildhorses run?

An average horse runs a top speed of about 40 mph.

What was Secretariat's top speed in mph?

his top speed was ~49 mph.

Is the slowest animal the sea horse or sloth?

I'm very sure that the top speed for a sloth is 1.2 mph and the sea horse rarely goes over the slow speed of .001 mph.

What is a horse's top speed?

Well top speed varies by breed, but for a Thoroughbred it's around 40 - 45mph. While Quarter horses can sprint a quarter mile at up to 50 mph. The world record for a horse is 55 mph.

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