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tackling e.g Slide tackling or stand tackling or the goalkeeper protecting his goalnet

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Q: What is to steal the ball from another player in soccer terms?
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What is soccer player in spanish?

If you mean how is said "soccer player" in spanish, the answer is "jugador de fútbol" or "futbolista". "Players" in general is "jugadores."For more soccer terms and positions in Spanish, see the related link below.

Soccer terms that have x in it?

Ajax professional soccer team

What is soccer in spanish?

If you mean how is said "soccer player" in spanish, the answer is "jugador de fútbol" or "futbolista". "Players" in general is "jugadores."For more soccer terms and positions in Spanish, see the related link below.

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What are soccer terms?

Soccer terms are words specific to the game and the people in and around it (players, coaches, officials, confederations, commentators, fans, and so on), also known as "jargon".

In soccer what are the slang terms for the field?

It's called "the pitch"

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Those are terms used in the sport of baseball.

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Soccer originated in Derby, England. It was first played when a victory was won by England from the Russians. Of course, they called it football, not soccer. :)

What does wolf meanin basketball terms?

Whenever a basketball player is dribbling down the court and a defensive player is coming from behind, your teammates/fans yell "wolf" to tell the person with possession of the ball to beware that the defense is about to steal the ball.

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Soccer Accident Insurance

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What are some soccer terms?

Man on- Some one is coming behind you Clear it!- Get it out of the goalies box Cross- Cross it across the field goal side-get between the player and the goal

What is the correct pressure for a soccer ball in metric terms?

This pressure is 0,8 bar.

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What does clipping mean in soccer terms?

When you trip them causing them to fall and is considered a foul

What were the two trading terms that flora baumbach learned?

How to tie shoes and how to steal other peoples notes

What is monkeyoi123's xbox live password?

It is illegal as well as against Microsoft's Terms of Service and Privacy Agreement to hack or steal another user's account. We do not have users' passwords nor would we ever give them out.

What are five soccer terms?

Offside. Goal. Corner kick. Foul. Penalty area.

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