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It is called an albatross.

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2009-11-26 11:13:14
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Q: What is three-under par on a golf course?
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Are there par 6 in golf?

There is not a Par 6 in any PGA licensed golf course.

Can there be more than a par 7 for a hole in golf?

Par 5 is the longest hole for a golf course.

What is a principal at a golf course?

To get under par.

What is the average par for a golf course?


What length is a par 3 on a golf course?

A par 3 on a golf course in more than 5 yards but less than 650 yards

Is there just par 3 and 4 in golf or can there be par 5 and 6?

Depending on the golf course, the set par can be anything, but it is very common for the par to be 3 and 4

What is par for the course in golf?

A standard golf course is made of 18 holes, these holes have pars. A par is the set amount of strokes the hole should be completed. There are par 3, par 4 and par 5 holes, the 18 holes are totalled and that is the par of the course, it usually totals 69-73.

What is a Zero in golf?

It means that you shot par for the course.

Who decides what par is for a golf course?

The course designer, it depends on length really.

What is the difference between a championship golf course and an executive course?

An executive golf course is shorter and is rated as an easier course according to par. An executive course is designed for inexperienced players, or golfers who are short on time. It is characterized by mostly par 3 holes. There may be one or two par fours, and a rare par 5.

What does par 71 mean in golf?

That means that the par for the course is 71. And THAT means that if you get par on every hole it will equal 71.

What is the highest par golf course?

I think the maximum is par 36 for each nine holes. I play a par 35 course, have played a par 34 course, but know of none above 36. There actually are some par 74 courses, which is 37 on each nine. I play a course that is par 72 but the front nine is 35 and the back is 37. The SAS Masters, played at Baresback Golf & Country Club in Malmo Sweden is a par 73 golf course. (Peter Hanson was the first home based (Swedish) winner in 2008

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