What is there to do in Pittsburgh?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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countless things, for one thing, you can take a tour of this magnificent city on the ducky tour. then, you can take a ride down the river on the gateway clipper. after that, go to the primani bros. for some insanely awesome food. if you like sports, go to see the steelers or go to mellon arena to see the one and only Pittsburgh Penguins. if you like awesome food, and sitting in the sun, go to pnc park and watch the pirates play (but people, don't sit in right field during a day game, it's so hot!). you can go see a play at the benedum center. or you can go to the suburbs and go to one of my favorites: kennywood park (and twilight fans, Kristen Stewart was at kennywood for a movie!)

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Q: What is there to do in Pittsburgh?
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