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Depends on how good you are... Some people begin to dance at a young age of 4,5,6 and started their grades at one year older or something.

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Q: What is the youngest age someone has past a grade 8 ballet exam?
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What does grade 1 ballet mean?

Grade 1 Ballet is a level like in music. In Ballet you start at primary. you primary exam is the 1st exam you take in ballet and when you take your primary exam and pass you move up into grade 1.Depending on the ballet school and teacher children are around the age of 6 at grade 1.

What does grade 2 ballet mean?

Grade 2 ballet is like a grade in music - the person is in grade two until they take their grade two exam, and then they can move up to grade three. There are several different examination boards for ballet, and the syllabus steps required for the grades will vary from board to board.

What level of ballet should you start at?

See I did ballet from the ages of 2-11 then stopped my lessons, after completing a grade 4 exam. I then carried on doing tap, modern and ballroom dancing. I wish to take up ballet again. What standard should I get lessons at? Go back to grade 5, or because of all my other experience go higher?

What is a good book for someone preparing for a grade 6 classical ballet exam?

You should try reading The Ballet Companion by Eliza Gaynor Minden. It has information on ballet's history, a glossary of terms, and lots of useful information on everything from doing a bun to auditioning and performing. What I expect would help the most, however, are the sections written on ballet movements like tendues, grande battements, and pirouettes. They have lots of pictures and give you really informative tips for each ballet movement!

Can I redo my RAD ballet exam?

Yes you can re-take an RAD exam if you want, but its not just about the grade, its the process of the training that makes you a better dancer, not a matter of passing or failing, if you havent already taken your exam, good luck, you will be fine! Hope this helped in some way:)

What grade do you get your regents exam?

You get your regents exam when your at the end of your junior year. Possibly 8th grade.

In a ballet exam what is the difference between honors and commendable?

In any exam, Honours (Honors) is better than Commendable.

If you have 72 percent in a class how much do you have to get on the exam if it's worth 30 percent?

To get a final grade of 72, you need a 72 on the exam. For a final grade of 75, you need an 72 on the exam. For a final grade of 80, you need a 99 on the exam. If you get 100 on the exam, your final grade will be a little over 80.

Can you give a sentence using grade?

He was disappointed with the grade he had got in the exam.

What is the difference between cecchetti ballet and ballet?

There is not just Cechetti Ballet and Ballet. You learn a ballet syllabus, there are many different ones. When you take an exam it is from an exam board for example Cecchetti but there are many others such as R.A.D., I.D.T.A. and I.S.T.D. However Cecchetti and RAD (Royal Ballet) seem to be the most common. Cechetti grades are a lot more technically demanding and are considered harder. Grade 3 in Cecchetti would be equivalent to a Grade 4 or 5 in RAD. Cecchetti is also a lot harder to get a high mark in. You cannot compare exam results from Cecchetti and RAD fairly. There is more focus on alignment and poise in Cecchetti than in RAD which becomes more useful if you want to become a professional. Some positions such as 'epaule' are only included in Cecchetti. I personally think Cecchetti is slightly better than RAD and all the others, having trained in RAD and Cechetti.

What is a passing grade on the NYPD Exam?


What is the phrase for second sitting of an exam to improve grade?

to retake the exam OR to resit the exam; (n.) a retake, a resit

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