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That is the line of scrimmage, the line in which the team with the ball begins their play on. it may also be the 1st down line

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Q: What is the yellow line in football on TV?
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How does the firstdown marker in football show on the TV?

it is a yellow line most of the time

How dothey create the yellow line on the football field that marks the first down on tv?

The yellow line that you see on your TV screen is not on the football field. It is only a visual reference for those of us watching the game on TV so we can see how far the offense needs to go to get a first down.

What is the imaginary line on which the ball is placed in football called?

The line of scrimmage (shown these days on tv with a digitally-added yellow line when the teams line up right before a play).

How does the line of scrimmage show on TV?

The line of scrimmage on tv is usually a red line and the first down in a yellow line.

What are the release dates for The Investigators Inside the Yellow Line - 2004 TV?

The Investigators Inside the Yellow Line - 2004 TV was released on: USA: 22 January 2004

How does the NFL line of scrimmage show on tv?

on tv, the line of scrimmage is usually blue and the first down line is usually yellow.

How do they put that yellow line on the field?

There is not really a yellowline on a football field. It is put on there by the tv station people to show where the first downs are. It is pretty close to impossible to keep dawing new yellow lines on the field while the game is going on

How does football 10 yard line appear on television screens?

If you are talking about the line ofscrimmage or the First down line it is animated.

What line in football you have to pass in order to get a first down?

The yellow one

When did they start putting the yellow first down marker on the tv?

September 1998 was when ESPN first introduced it in a pro football broadcast.

What does blue line mean in football game?

The blue line is the line of scrimmage, or where the offense started the play from. Conversely, the yellow/orange line is where they need to get to for a first down.

What was the tv commercial where the football fan in the huddle says does your mouthpiece taste like banana?

it might have been a phone book for the yellow pages. I do remember that commercial tho.

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