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team captain

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Q: What is the yellow armband for in the World Cup?
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What is the blue armband for in the world cup?


What is the meaning of a Nazi armband that is yellow with a black swastika on a white disk and black striping?

Was was the Waffen SS Armband.CommentIf this is a genuine armband, then it is highly unusual. If it was red, not yellow, then it describes the SS (not Waffen-SS) armband. If this is seen in a colour photograph, the colour may have faded.

What is the Yellow arm band in soccer?

It is a captain armband you should see a c on it (captain).

How many yellow cards did England receive in 2010 World Cup?

England received a total of 6 yellow cards in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

What year were yellow cards first used in the World Cup finals?

1970 FIFA World Cup.

How many yellow cards in fifa world cup 2010 has ben issued so far?

There were a total of 260 yellow cards shown in 2010 world cup.

How many yellow cards given out at the 2006 world cup?

345 yellow cards.

What colour dress did queen wear 1966 world cup?

yellow and pink

How many Yellow Cards were issued in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

A total of 187 Yellow Cards were issued by various officials throughout the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

What is the Australia cricket 2011 world cup uniform?

Australia has Yellow Color Uniform in this world cup 2011 Tournament .

Which team received the least yellow cards in the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Korea DPR received the least amount of yellow cards in the 2010 FIFA World Cup at 2.

Michael Jackson's black armband stood for what?

Jackson wears his trademark black armband to remind fans of the suffering of children around the world.